Sharing Platters

Please see our collection of wonderful Sharing Platters below.

Pick up & payment at Glass Sushi Boutique ONLY, unfortunately we don't offer any deliveries.

To order please contact with the following details and we will call you to confirm your order.

- Requested time & date of pickup

- Platter name & quantity

- Name of person picking up

- Phone number

For any platters requested for same day, please call (09) 486 0707 and not email. Though unlikely, please note that we may not be able to cater big platters at a day’s notice, but we'll do our best so please give us a ring.

Please trust that our team will do our best to match the photos shown, however ingredients may vary depending on seasonal availabilities so the platters may not look exactly the same.

* complimentary ginger+soy+wasabi included for platters (not for Teriyaki Sticks Platter)



Classic Platter            $ 99

(Classic Platter - in Variety above)

Perfect for parties, shared meals and gatherings

14 non rolls (nigiri/baskets/rice wraps) & 21 California rolls = total 35 pieces

Available in either variety or vegetarian packs, not customisable



Family Platter                         $ 65

Perfect for family lunches & dinners

9 nigiri/basket & 14 California rolls = total 23 pieces

Available in either variety or vegetarian packs, not customisable


Baby Classic Platter                      $ 95

Perfect for finger food or kids party.

63 pieces in total, which includes 9 salmon and avocado mini sushi.


Teriyaki Chicken Stick Platter                $37

10 sticks



Rice Paper Roll Platter                $ 65

20 pieces

Available in variety packs